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6321 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
+1 310-929-0771

Hours of operation:

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Laserium, and indeed the laser light show itself, was born in the late 60's and early 1970's. Ivan Dryer, then a film maker, was treated to a lab demonstration of a new multi-colored laser at Cal Tech. He was so taken by the purity and intensity of the colors that he decided to make a film and set the beautiful patterns to music. His film, Laser Image, disappointed him though. Even though it was an enchanting visual piece, the lasers, as caught on film, lacked the original sizzle they had when seen live. Convinced that one had to experience laser light live, Ivan founded Laser Images in Van Nuys, California. He gathered together a group of clever optical, mechanical, and electrical engineers and artists who, in the next two years had crafted an advanced laser projector and choreographed the original Laserium show.

Presenting the idea to the Griffith Observatory and Planetarium landed Ivan a temporary concession operating permit from the city of Los Angeles. Laserium opened its doors on November 19, 1973. Laserium expanded to many locations in the United States and abroad and has been experienced by over 20 million people. Laserium continues to produce new laser shows for tours and for music listening events. The company also produces outdoor laser shows, night club, trade show, and rock concert laser effects, and special effects for motion pictures and television.

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