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[Museum of Jurassic Technology Logo]


9341 Venice Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90232, United States
+1 310-836-6131

Hours of operation:

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The public museum as understood today, is a collection of specimens and other objects of interest to the scholar, the man of science as well as the more casual visitor, arranged and displayed in accordance with the scientific method. In its original sense, the term "museum" meant a spot dedicated to the muses - "a place where man's mind could attain a mood of aloofness above everyday affairs." By far the most important museum of antiquity was the great institution at Alexandria founded by Ptolemy Philadelphus in the third century before Christ, (an endeavor supported by a grant from the treasury). And no treatment of the museum would be complete without mention of Noah's Ark in which we find the most complete Museum of Natural History the world has ever seen.

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All Members receive invitations to Museum events and Members' openings as well as a 10% discount on all Museum merchandise, and free admission to the Museum. New Members will receive an etched brass lapel pin.

Members giving at the Supporter level and above will also receive a special gift.

Members giving at the Benefactor and Founding Circle level will be honored with a plaque on the Museum's Donor Board.

Student/Senior Membership @ $35.00

Active Membership @ $50.00

Supporting Membership @ $100.00

Contributing Membership @ $200.00

Sustaining Membership @ $300.00

Donor Membership @ $500.00

Benefactor Membership @ $1,000.00

Founder's Circle Membership @ $5,000.00

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